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The Hauntingly Horrific 12 Days of Halloween Preview

The Hauntingly Horrific 12 Days of Halloween is a book for children, just in time for Halloween, composed of 35 pages,  sure to make you laugh, especially parents who are to read this book to their children.  Words showcased to enhance your children’s vocabulary include:

cauldron, wickedest, fluorescent, warts, slime, gall bladder, pancreas, homo sapien, appendix, esophagus, small intestine, courtship, sci-fi, pickled, organs, Grim Reaper, destiny, Headless Horseman, guilt,  vials of blood, gauze, Mummy, Werewolf, lead bullets, misery, Zombie, Lucifer, Devil and horrific.

But don’t worry, pictures are included for those words you can’t quite explain. It’s poetic and witty, sure to please, perhaps my favorite Halloween story yet! If you enjoy this one, be sure to check out: Trick or Treat!