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Relica Enchanted, Volume I Preview: Chapter 1: The Story of Our Love

His skin was black magic luster, onyx pearls, spread amongst charcoal at midnight, the kind of dark you get lost in, hungry for the light, more decadent than the finest dark chocolate, cherry cordial filled, sweet, and this was just one facet of his seduction over me… Eyes were as poignant as Bambi’s, wide, and bright, inhaling life for the first time, every time he looked at me. Sienna brown dexterity knocking on the door of my heart –every single time he blinked. His hair –thick black coils of curls softly collected and tightly woven into the interfaces of his allure, like a tree fully blossomed in spring, the recesses of his mind, -unlocked in order to procure. His lips were so supple, moist and delicate, the color of melon and plum, and just as plump and juicy. His smile like lightening –struck, like the pearls of oysters, with the shimmer of stars, same gloss as the whites of his eyes, riveting. Black male, -black mailed me every time with just his touch. And I said, yes, yes, agreed too much. Touch that motioned vibrations within, chills on skin, with ripple effects shifting the mantle of my heart, I was no longer resilient or strong, I was moved beyond and willing to unleash the passions that would eventually dismantle me, and make my earth quake into oblivion.

What have I done?

Honey dripping from the broken hive of what my omnipotence once was, mixed with blood from too much musing or maybe –not enough, as he made me insatiable, in frame of thought, in state of mind, in lust…my emotions –rapids, rushing into an infinity of waterfalls chasing ocean. And he implanted the notion, with just one look; if looks could kill, he had me shook. I was his token, present for the choking; he was the only stakeholder in this…scenario. And I was the wager. Thankfully he was the winning kind. He always acquired what he wanted, no holds barred.

Blissfully anticipating, he made romance synonymous with “Driving Miss Daisy”. He took me there, to a special place, a realm unimaginable, frankly, quite unfathomable, of which words could not give credence, to the likes of riding a black bodied and gold horned unicorn, naked, through a lake filled with the sweetest red wine, cocaine dreams –pipe high, when he christened all ten toes with his warm mouth, sucking amply each toe like sour apple flavored Blow Pops, while simultaneously administering a definitive foot massage, that silenced barking dogs to the quintessential purrs of kittens, putting me into detox. This was no romance; this was an appetizer to foreplay that he fed me subtlety, as little did I know, in the long run, he planned on starving me, and holding me hostage in the dungeon of his lonely decrepit heart…

His lovemaking was an art, more ancient than imagination’s start, and the beginning of reason, –Eve’s partaking of the apple, Adam’s acquisition of knowledge, because I could not reason; his love hypnotic, addictive, traumatic, and magnifique. From the toes to the feet, he grabbed my legs and pulled them towards his heart, with feet over shoulders, his kiss like butterfly flutters from ankle to inner thighs, he then hummed a lullaby with his face in between my thighs, oh my, oh my, I thought I’d die, but he knew I would.

My body danced as his hum grew louder, reaching climax together in song and dance. Tongue wet, inhaling my nectar, but he wasn’t done watering this flower yet, as my moans and shrieks were in harmony with his hums, dining at my table, with candlelight to rear, end my days with his final meal, of the dish we both created, -chefs, though he did all of the sampling. We both basked in each others nakedness, admiring God’s geometry: the angles, arches, circumference, and shapes, from dust to dust –it’s made, inciting lust and desire, relic of beauty too soon to expire… and I didn’t realize this… despite his every parliamentary and legislative kiss, with ice and strawberries, thwarted into my abyss, and sucked out again, until melted with his hot mouthed desire or the burst of marinated flavor was finally swallowed, was he truly hungry for me?

Was he…truly…hungry for me, to trace the shadow of my happy trail with the tip of his tongue in tickling motion, rotating so slow, up to my abdomen, to meet my areolas and to cause them to emerge with miniature mountains of hardened flesh, sucking on nipples that would lend no milk, except down below, where his long, bulky fingers did roam, two at a time, treading the mine, deeper and deeper, still…

I gasped at the thought of him, and the feel and the thrill, naughty and surreal, I had to make him my meal, because he was just too deep into me, I moved to reveal, that he was no longer in control… though little did I know.

My mouth exposed to inhale his mighty shaft and pole, head to unfold, wrapping tongue around with suction, firm grasp with hand, in up and down motion, so slow, I could feel him grow, made eye contact to show, my power and submission, to get into position, on my knees to pray, to his mighty sword…two edged, my mouth his shield, would he give what I sought, or was it a long shot… not meant for my mouth…?

As his breathing grew heavy, he stopped me, and grabbed me, by the waist to place me on the dark oasis of his bed, ready for penetration, but I had to tease him… let him know that I ran the show and he’d have to work for it, and to test his strength and will and desire, I quickly rolled over which soon did inspire, him to want me more, but whether it was adoration, lust or love, or something else, I was not sure, for the look in his eyes made me unsure, as he quickly paused and in a deep voiced whisper questionably demanded “Come here.”

I paused, gazed into his eyes, undecidedly. I wanted him to make the decision for me. To see how far he’d go before he would take me. I told him “Make me…come get me,” in a devious soft spoken voice, lovingly sarcastic. He smiled and slowly approached, massaging my assets, and kissing the back of my neck, while wrapping his thigh around my hip. He was definitely well equipped, to the point, I could no longer resist. We became one body, one entity acting as one, mimicking each others bodies, communicating how much we love, or so I hoped, -each other.

I met him in one of the most unlikely of places, on an occasion of which I wasn’t expecting or didn’t plan on meeting anyone. As if I was in the darkest recess of my minds’ eye, seeing nothing, over hills or beyond shadows, to some -a heaven, left behind, for the dead, like our planet earth… I imagine heaven is like a planet that always has sun, where we sleep not, but live every breathing moment –without eyes closed. A dark alley, 11:47 p.m., walking from a bar, -home, in the city of Angels –lost, who knew I was soon to be. Was it woven in calligraphy? I never believed in destiny, until I met him. I wanted us to be destined, until…

He came without warning; I heard no footsteps foraging in echoes behind me. I saw no shadows in the darkness ahead. He appeared like a ghost, and since I don’t scare easily, I’d be lying if I said goose bumps didn’t trickle down my spine, kind of like when he rubbed my back for the first time. I dropped my hand bag. He picked it up and didn’t say a word, just looked into my eyes like he was reading the pages of the book of my soul without turning the pages, as if it were digital, requiring a simple scroll, with no blink or movement of the eyes. “Thank you,” I said half perplexed. “No problem. You shouldn’t be out so late alone,” he replied. I couldn’t resist the temptation to say the words “I’m a big girl.”

As he passed, he looked me up from head to toe and back up again, “You are right about that.” He paused, “But you know what, I’d like to walk you home, just as a gentleman, not a potential stalker or a rapist or anything like that.” I looked at him puzzled. “I know you don’t know me, so why trust me, -that’s what you’re thinking right?”

“Not exactly… for all you know, why would you trust me? After all you don’t know if I’m strapped or have a record. I’m more concerned about your audacity to be a gentleman in this era.” He smiled. “Well, yeah, it does take a lot of nerve, but I assure you, chivalry isn’t dead.”

“What’s in it for you…walking me home? Are you going to ask for my number and call me, or is this to the likes of helping little old ladies cross the street?”

“Well, that depends on a couple of things.”

“Really, like what?”

“One, will I make it there safely, without having to find out if you are strapped, and two, how far you live, because you may live far, and for someone in my state of health, I don’t want to overdo it with walking…”

I laughed, as this man made even the most robust of men, probably feel inadequate. He even made me feel like getting a gym membership. Maybe he had a record on second thought. “Well, I can promise you one out of the two…”

“And what’s that?” He asked.

“No matter how far I live, you could never overdo it walking honey, because you’re already well done… “

“I hope that’s how you like your steak, because I plan on more than just getting your number lady!”

I smiled, grabbed this man’s rock hard arm, and intertwined it with mine. I loved his sense of humor, his openness, his ability to make me feel at home, like he was an old friend instead of a stranger. He was a charmer, and most importantly, I loved his bold moves.

We talked on the way, I got to know him a little better, he peaked my interest into wanting to get to know him more, find out what made him tick, and his mode of thought, his differing views and why he felt that way, his deepest, darkest secrets and everything far and in between.