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Halloween Happy Preview

Halloween Happy is a three books in one special, for children who love kid horror and Halloween, composed of 119 pages, this book is composed of the following books:

  1. Trick or Treat
  2. The Frightfully Good Night Before Halloween
  3. The Hauntingly Horrific 12 Days of Halloween

These books are poetic and horrifyingly graphically detailed with the works of various artists to create art diversity and please the tastes of various audiences, as well as to prevent boredom.  There is humor throughout, especially for parents tasked to read their children bed time stories.

Vocabulary to expand your child’s linguistics (or perhaps words you may not be ready for your child to hear) include: fires of hell, burglarized, demon, god forsaken, shack, wheeler and dealer, schemes, manipulative, Michael Jackson, frightfully, vanished, wickedest, fluorescent, large intestine, lungs, liver, appendix, gall bladder, pancreas, esophagus, homo sapien, sci-fi, pickled organs,  destiny, Grim Reaper, Headless Horseman, hauntingly, guilt, vials of blood, gauze, silver bullets, jester, werewolf, misery, zombie, illegible, devil, witness, shrewd, Colonels, dimples, physique, sophisticated, devious smirk, daunting, perplexingly sinister harmony, Frankenstein, pushing up daisies, 6 feet under, casket, Dracula, blood sucking vampire, UFO, silhouette, shimmery luster, spine-chilling, 31 Elm Street, microscopic louse, eerie, fickle, lurks, heinously, curdling, wretched, ineffective,  and spectacles.

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