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To My Daughters

I want you to walk in the confidence of your past
Never to be counted last
By mainstream society nor anyone
I want you to always know
And never doubt that you are
A vision of beauty
With ebony skin, brown eyes,
Thick, curly hair, and a heart
That is pure gold
Magnified like the light of the sun
Bright and ever powerful
I want you to accept your plight
In this world like a heroine or woman warrior
And always remember
That God doesn’t make mistakes
And He won’t give you anything
That you can’t handle
I want you to exceed even your own expectations
And know there are no impossibilities
For you in this world
That all things are possible for this girl
Through God who strengthens you
I want you to know that you will never walk alone on this
No matter your triumphs or tribulations
When you feel you can’t take another step
Have faith that God isn’t threw with you yet
And that your ancestor angels are forever with you
I want you to realize that no matter what you choose to do
Your people will always progress or regress with you
So take great care in what you decide to do
I want you to never sacrifice your value nor your virtue
And above all, if you remember nothing else
I’ve told you
I want you to always know
That no matter what, like God’s love, my love
Is unconditional
And I will always and forever love you!

This poem was published in my second book “Food for the Soul”, with several other poems, available at ; Barnes & Noble and by Maryanne D. Brown Campbell.

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