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Featured Authors

Interested in being a featured author on Maryanne’s Bookshelf?  Then by all means inquire within.  Choose any number of Interview Questions to answer:

  1. Name/Bio
  2. Book(s)
  3. Where available (Links, Trailers, Website, etc.)
  4. What sets your book(s) apart from all others?  Is it your individual style, your subject matter, etc., how is it different?  What makes your book(s) unique?  What can we expect to gain or enjoy or understand from reading your literary creation(s)? How and/or why is your work important?
  5. Who is your target market, who should be reading your book(s) or who would be interested in reading your book(s)?
  6. What authors inspired you most and how so?  What do you admire about each one?
  7. What advice do you have to offer in support of other authors?
  8. What is your genre(s) of choice and why?  How did you come to write in that particular genre(s) or niche(s)?
  9. How’d you come about discovery of your writing talent, gift or ability?
  10. What are your future writing endeavors?  What’s next on your authorship agenda?
  11. Is writing for you synonymous with living and breathing, or just something you do as a hobby, and how so and why?
  12. What do you feel we need to hear or read more of, that is rare today in a book?
  13. What changes in the literary world would you most like to see?
  14. Indie/Self-Published Author and/or Published?  What do you favor more and why?
  15. How is your writing controversial, profound or mind boggling, or how would you describe it?
  16. What do you hope to accomplish with your literary creation?  What change or enlightenment do you want to bring about in your reader if any?
  17. What’s the greatest compliment that you ever received regarding your literary accomplishments and what did this remark do for you, how did it transform your life or your writing?
  18. What’s the most memorable criticism you received regarding your literary works and how did this remark transform you as a writer or influence your writing if at all?
  19. If you could ask a question of your favorite author of all time, what would the question be?  How would you answer that question -yourself?
  20. What have you sacrificed, if anything, to be a writer, or to write as you do?  What have you gained from writing, how has it rewarded you personally?