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Billy Bob Bat on Why His Wingz are Wonderful

Billy Bob Bat’s Wonderful Wingz Cook Book features 30 recipes for chicken wing marinades, sauces and seasonings that are simply irresistible, such as the: “Gates of Hell Jerk Chicken Marinade” that will leave your mouth watering for more hell fiery flavorful wings, as well as “Spicy Chocolate Cherry Sauce”, “Tequila Lime  Marinade”, “Ginger Sesame Sauce”, “Pineapple Jalapeno Sauce” and “Creamy Chipotle Avocado Sauce” to name a few.  Billy Bob puts it best:

Billy Bob Bat’s Wonderful Wingz Cook Book, For Wonderful Wing Varieties that just Keep On Coming, are for those of you, who just can’t get enough Wings.  Of course we could only lend recipes for chicken wings, because we need ours.  Chickens on the other hand, very rarely, if at all, take flight.  I’m not saying they are a useless bird, they do taste good after all, but, I will say, we could better put their wings to use in the kitchen, if they aren’t trying to fly, more so than our wings.  A bat without wings, is like a rat without a tail.

You can create a buffet table with chicken wings galore and we will supply you with an abundance of wing sauce varieties and even seasonings and marinades for the wings to accompany it, and don’t forget the celery sticks and blue cheese and ranch, because we have some spicy ones as well.”