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20 Halloween Cookbooks

What prompted the authorship of 21 Halloween Themed Cookbooks you ask?  My love of Halloween of course!  I thought of every must have Halloween villain and with the help of the hubby came up with some titles and themes, some quite off the wall, as you can imagine, as every title suggests:

  1. Billy Bob Bat’s Wonderful Wingz Cook Book
  2. Black Kitty’s Culinary Cat-Nippies Cook Book
  3. Christopher Corpse’s Culinary Cook Book
  4. Lou Saffir’s Devilishly Delicious Eats
  5. Chef Dracula’s Bloody Red Vampire Cook Book
  6. Frankie Stein’s Franks N’ Weenies Dish Delights
  7. Gabe the Ghost’s Spookingly Ghoulish Goodies Cook Book
  8. The Grim Reaper’s Last Minute Meals
  9. The Headless Horseman’s Hauntingly Delicious Delicacies
  10. Mr. Monster’s Midnight Munchies Cook Book
  11. Mr. Mummies Wrapped Up Yummies
  12. Mr. Hoot’s Mystery Foods Cook Book
  13. Jack O. Lantern’s Pumpkin Platter Cook Book
  14. Scarey Crow’s Straw Berry Scares Cook Book
  15. Skinny Bone Jone’s Culinary Delights
  16. Spencer Spider’s Succulent Salads Cook Book
  17. Broom Hilda the Witches’ Wicked Kitchen Cauldron Cook Book
  18. Chef Wolfie’s Hair Raising Hot Plates
  19. Chef Wolfina’s Howling Halloween Holiday Delights
  20. Ziegfried the Zombie’s Good Eats Guide

It was a fun project, and all these dishes are great for a thematic Halloween party showcasing the desired eats of your favorite character or characters.  Right now, these cookbooks are in digital format available on Amazon.