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Serpentine Tongue

Serpentine Tongue is a composite of 11 of Maryanne D. Brown Campbell’s earlier works, featuring poems, plays, collages and pencil sketches of her visions, and artistry. She presents the trials and tribulations, the life experiences, and notions of a young African-American woman in love, in pain, in anger and in question of life. She makes a heart wrenching and everlasting impression of what it is to be a woman and a minority in this account, which can serve as her diary. Each of her 11 books is inspired by and written for people with great significance in her life, as is outlined on her dedication page. This work consists of 8 books of poetry, 2 plays and a spoken word poem. The subject matter ranges from spirituality, the perils of love, sex, veneration and commemoration, abuse, humor, enigma, addiction, lesbianism, and beauty, to HIV, poverty, growth, slavery, relationships, and adversity and the list goes on. In this account the author isn’t afraid to let the audience know who she is. This book is vital, real, raw and unapologetic. This book is recommended for a mature audience only, who’d like to enter, dissect, invade, and intrude the psyche of a woman. This account is recommended to those who’d like to be enriched, bewitched, offended, discovered and infected by a Nubian Princesses’ angst and audacity to speak her mind. The author speaks to the African-American community, the feminist community, the hip-hop, spoken word, “don’t give a fuck!,” smoke so much doja, drank so much yak, bling-bling, and do my thang community, to the sista’s sitting pretty and oh so sedity, to the brotha’s on lock with no key, to all the Wannabe’s (new tribe in AfreeCA), to the Anybody community. This Book is a testament to the testament “Word is born!”