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Coming 2.14.2018 to Amazon

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Relica Enchanted, Volume III is in the works…(Coming 2018)
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An Unsuccessful Act is a childhood memoir and documentary e-book coming to Amazon in 2018-2019.  It takes place in San Diego, CA, a true story, showcasing how one attempted murder begets yet another attempted murder.  It’s a psychological non-fiction thriller, that exudes how behavior is learned and how childhood abuse and trauma can have lifelong affects into adulthood.  It looks at the dynamics of how something so brutalizing and emotionally disturbing can have both positive and negative effects on one’s life and how the tides turn.

Click on each image below to view all 3 Book Trailers for An Unsuccessful Act


Relica Enchanted, Volume II Premiered 2017, available on Amazon:

Embark on the 1st of a Novella series entitled Relica Enchanted that features: poetry, erotica, horror, action, adventure, suspense, romance and so much more, by author M.D. Johnson aka Maryanne D. Brown Campbell, available on Amazon. Rated Mature: language, sex, violent content.

Click on 1 of the 3 Characters to View the latest Book Trailers for Relica Enchanted Volume II



Relica Enchanted, Volume I, available on Amazon now.


  1. Craftabulous
  2. Craftabulous II
  3. The Charmed Look Book
  4. The Crochet Look Book

craftabulous craftabulous-2

charmed crochet

  1. Alienation of the Alien Nation
  2. Beastly’s Greatest Fear
  3. Buddha’s Garden 
  4. Bug City  
  5. Cat for Hire  
  6. The Love Cooties   
  7. Kawaii Coloring Book (Under Freebies)
  8. Beautiful Dreamer
  9. A Penny for Your Thoughts
  10. Interesting Facts About Polar Bears
  11. The Potty Mouth
  12. The Potato Who Dared to Be More      
  13. Wicked Wisdom: Monsters Words of Wisdom: Advice to Live By 
  14. The Case of the Fallen Candy Cane
  15. Teddy-ku: Teddy Bear Haiku 
  16. Jive Turkey’s 12 Dishes of Thanksgiving 
  17. Around the Corner
  18. A Girl’s Guide to Love
  19. Rhyme Time
  20. The Bear With A Nightmare
  21. Monster Chef’s Secret Ingredient
  22. Space Travel
  23. Froggy’s Jumping Expedition
  24. The Fashion Show Extravaganza
  25. The Bee Killer
  26. The Crazy Cat Lady
  27. Birds In The City Sitting Pretty
  28. The Worm & The Snail
  29. Finders Seekers
  30. The Knight In Shining Armor
  31. Obama’s Wisdom
  32. Out To Sea Just You & Me
  33. Squeakem’s Cheesy Concoctions
  34. A Kiss Goodnight
  35. The Falling Star
  36. African Proverbs
  37. African Proverbs II
  38. Native American Proverbs
  39. Sometimes
  40. Sore Loser
  41. Facing Challenge

obamas knightafrican


squeakems falling-starALIEN







CHEF SUNDAE moth fashionspace travel


cat ladyfinders-keepersout-2-sea

Thanksgiving Specials:

  1. Jive Turkey’s 12 Dishes of Thanksgiving
  2. The Perfect Pie

JT cover-image perfect-pie

Christmas Specials:

  1. The Case of the Fallen Candy Cane
  2. Tis The Time Of Year

cover-image time-of-year

Christmas Comics (PG-13):

  1. Christmas Follies
  2. The Christmas T-Shirt Special

xmas follies covercover-image

Pet Haiku Series:

  1. Dogku, Dog Haiku for the Dog Lover in You
  2. Kitty Ku: Cat Nap Haiku
  3. Crazy Cat-ku: Crazy Cat Haiku

dogkuKitty-ku cover-imageCrazy Cat-ku cover-image

Preview the New Cook Book Series under the following Titles, available on Amazon:

  1. Billy Bob Bat’s Wonderful Wingz Cook Book
  2. Black Kitty’s Culinary Cat-Nippies Cook Book
  3. Christopher Corpse’s Culinary Cook Book
  4. Lou Saffir’s Devilishly Delicious Eats
  5. Chef Dracula’s Bloody Red Vampire Cook Book
  6. Frankie Stein’s Franks N’ Weenies Dish Delights
  7. Gabe the Ghost’s Spookingly Ghoulish Goodies Cook Book
  8. The Grim Reaper’s Last Minute Meals
  9. The Headless Horseman’s Hauntingly Delicious Delicacies
  10. Mr. Monster’s Midnight Munchies Cook Book
  11. Mr. Mummies Wrapped Up Yummies
  12. Mr. Hoot’s Mystery Foods Cook Book
  13. Jack O. Lantern’s Pumpkin Platter Cook Book
  14. Scarey Crow’s Straw Berry Scares Cook Book
  15. Skinny Bone Jone’s Culinary Delights
  16. Spencer Spider’s Succulent Salads Cook Book
  17. Broom Hilda the Witches’ Wicked Kitchen Cauldron Cook Book
  18. Chef Wolfie’s Hair Raising Hot Plates
  19. Chef Wolfina’s Howling Halloween Holiday Delights
  20. Ziegfried the Zombie’s Good Eats Guide
  21. Chef Wolfies & Wolfina’ Meaty Eats
  22. Mean & Green Monster Chefs

cover-image owl  cover-image mummy  cover-image mnster  cover-image headless  cover-image grim  cover-image frank cover-image devil cover-image ghost   cover-image corpse cover-image cat cover-image bat cover-image zig cover-image wolfina  cover-image witch cover-image vampire cover-image wolfie    cover-image spider cover-image skinny cover-image scare crow cover-image pumpkin wolf-compilation mean-green

Preview six Great, Poetic, Colorful & Comical Halloween Books for kids of all ages 5 to 100 years old available on Amazon:

  1. The Hauntingly Horrific 12 Days of Halloween
  2. The Frightfully Good Night Before Halloween
  3. Halloween Happy
  4. Spooky Spook’s Big Scare
  5. What To Be For Halloween
  6. Trick or Treat

cover-image frightmarehalloween-happycover-image12 days

what-to-bespookytrick treat

Mandala Adult Coloring Books for added decor, mediation and stress relief:
(Available in the Freebies Section)

  1. Mandalas
  2. Mandala Effects
  3. Save the Drama for Yo’ Mama: Make Shift Mandalas
  4. Graphic Quest: Adult Coloring Book